John Picard

John Picard is one of the leading thinkers and builders of sustainable communities. He has conceptualized and built hundreds of the smartest homes, workplaces and communities in America and his vision guides the future planning of several multi-national companies.  He began his career as a builder and entrepreneur. In 1995, John made an important personal transition from building big to building smart when he built his own home to operate completely “off the grid”.   His experience, passion, and commitment to sustainability have helped him become one of the most sought-after experts in his field.
Picard was one of the first members of President Clinton’s "Greening of the White House" team that developed environmental energy audits and innovative upgrade recommendations for the complex. In the early 1990’s he worked with The Gap to develop and implement a pioneering environmental and energy efficiency policy for its retail stores. Since then, John’s unique vision and expertise has brought success and profitability to his many clients, including:  Interface; Sony; BMW, Siemens; Ford; MGM; BP; Mars Inc, eBay; the Live Earth/S.O.S. concerts; and the design production of nomadic museum, Ashes and Snow.
John has been published in numerous major trade publications and books and has been a keynote speaker for corporate, educational and technology events. He has received awards and honors in the fields of architecture, energy and environmental science. John’s exclusive network of colleagues and friends allows him to build his own “eco dream teams” to tackle the most complex, multi-disciplinary projects.  John is currently managing John Picard & Associates, a consultancy focused on bringing a natural systems approach to the built world.