Marcia Bateson
Chief Financial Officer

Marcia has close to three decades of experience in strategic, managerial and leadership roles for financial services organizations. A hands-on problem solver, she has a demonstrated ability to align and integrate disparate groups within organizations, and to develop creative, financially viable solutions. Additionally, leading divisions of major corporations and co-founding a consulting company has given her a unique entrepreneurial understanding and insight. She joined SAIL in 2008 and has been fine tuning operations and optimizing reporting.

For over two decades Marcia held leadership positions with J.P. Morgan and its subsidiaries. She served as Chief Financial and Chief Administrative Officer for J.P. Morgan Partners, formerly Chase Capital Partners. As CFO of J.P. Morgan Partners, she overhauled an outdated infrastructure and integrated 6 acquisitions, while keeping the group fully operational during the transition. While she served as Chief Operating Officer of the Investment Management Division of JPM, she led and managed the re-engineering of the financial infrastructure which served to increase profit by 2.5X on flat revenue. As VP of the Global US & UK Securities Servicing Division, she was the Chief Operating Officer of the transition management team when JPM sold this division to the Bank of New York, entailing the transfer of $1 Trillion in Securities, 800 clients and 800 professionals. In 2002, Marcia co-founded David Bateson Group, LLC and was retained by Top 10 Financial services firms as a turnaround specialist to advice on organizational redesign, develop strategic and financial solutions to major issues, and later to successfully implement these plans.

Marcia has extensive international experience ranging from integrating multi-national teams within organizations and successfully negotiating overseas transactions while reducing costs, to expanding business capabilities and service lines of international divisions. She graduated from Vassar College Phi Beta Kappa and is married with two children.