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Global demand for energy is increasing exponentially and the need for innovation in this area has never been more apparent. In many developed nations older infrastructure is causing crippling electrical grid capacity issues while the general public is calling for more alternative energy options to fuel homes, businesses and vehicles. Additionally, many developing nations are struggling to generate enough power to fuel their growing economies. We believe new innovations to improve energy storage and efficiency, and to make alternative energy more readily available are critical to global economic growth in the next decade and beyond.


Enerpulse specializes in developing environmentally friendly ignition products through the application of pulse power technology. Their newest innovation, Pulstar™ is a unique and patented one-piece pulse plug that aims to replace current spark plugs and capture a significant share of this $3 billion market in addition to a share of the high-performance aftermarket. These plugs generate up to 1 million watts of power, resulting in significantly more torque and lower emissions than the current spark plugs on the market. Pulstar™ pulse plugs are becoming increasingly widely available in major auto aftermarket channels. SAIL co-leads this investment with another venture investor.


A leader in energy efficiency and distributed energy storage, Ice Energy develops, manufactures and markets transformational new residential and commercial air conditioning, utility and green building products. The company’s HVAC units slash peak electricity consumption while providing superior cooling comfort. A leading provider of smart grid and distributed energy storage solutions for leveling peak energy demand, Ice Energy’s utility solutions fundamentally transform energy system efficiency and reliability. The company also represents a critical renewable portfolio resource to complement intermittent, off-peak renewable portfolio assets such as wind and solar. The Ice Energy product enables utilities to shift significant load to off peak hours when the energy delivery system is both underutilized and more thermally efficient.


SN Tech, develops low-cost, intelligent electric motors with enhanced efficiency. The SN-ECM™ motor uses patent brushless motor technology. It is designed to be used in a range of air moving motors, including HVAC systems, blowers, air-drying units, train or bus A/C systems, agricultural and horticultural multi-fan structures, and more. SN Tech’s motors use 80% less electricity then high efficiency AC motors currently available on the market and are the lowest heat emitting motor, thus can save air-conditioned buildings approximately $65 per motor.


Xtreme Power designs and manufactures revolutionary power systems incorporating sophisticated power electronics and hyper-efficient storage technologies. These systems have immediate and broad-scale application in large-scale unlimited power supply (UPS), utility peak-shaving and load-leveling markets, as well as renewable energy uses in solar and wind-power storage and transmission. The company also produces smaller-scale systems for remote power applications, distributed through national retailers.


Dow Kokam was established to develop and manufacture technologically advanced and economically viable battery solutions for the transportation, defense, industrial and medical industries. The company is owned by The Dow Chemical Company, TK Advanced Battery LLC and Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault (Dassault). Uniting the three companies creates the first battery and energy management systems manufacturer to combine the viable, scalable, large-format battery technology with the market franchise, manufacturing expertise and market knowledge necessary to become the clear partner of choice across industries.


FlexEnergy produces clean energy from waste gases that others cannot use. The company’s primary product is the FlexPowerstation™ which generates electricity with reduced emissions from Btu gas that conventional powerplants cannot process. This significantly expands the range of fuels that can be used to generate power. The FlexPowerstation™ is a small, module power plant that operates efficiently with a wide range of fuels including landfill gas made up of as little as 1.5% methane, gas from oil refining and coal mining, and fuel gas that is near atmospheric pressure. Neither a gas compressor nor a fuel conditioner is needed to operate the station.


Paragon Airheater Technologies specializes in the manufacturing and development of high-performance seals and related replacement parts for rotary, regenerative airheaters. The company’s patented seal technology is specially designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions normally encountered in power plant’s airheaters and to provide maximum performance while improving air preheater efficiency. Paragon’s products are one of the most important elements of energy efficiency in a typical power plant, contributing 10‐15% to overall plant efficiency by recovering wasted flue gas heat and re‐using it to “pre‐heat” the external air pumped into the boiler during the combustion process. The seals reduce air leakage by an average of 35%, with a high to date reduction of 50%. These products and related services reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions in fossil fuel-fired power generation plants. 


Since Kokam was established by founder JJ Hong, the company has been developing technology in design and assembly of the machines coating polymer film, manufacturing thin polymer film. With the technology, Kokam developed the Lithium-Ion Polymer battery, which is the most advanced technology in secondary batteries such as Lead-Acid battery, Ni-Cadmium battery and Ni-MH battery. Kokam's fully automated manufacturing processes were all designed and set up by its own technology. Kokam provides a wide range of battery and electrical solutions such as charger and PCM (Protection Circuit Module) as a total Power Solution.