CleanTech OC is a trade association that seeks to promote economic growth in the Orange County clean technology industry, which is likely to be one of the most significant engines for job growth in Southern California over the next decade. The association consists of private companies, academic institutions, and local governmental entities that are engaged or interested in clean tech. Cleantech OC was founded to achieve the following:

  • Establish Orange County's reputation as a center of Clean Tech innovation, investment, and research;
  • Create synergy between Orange County's existing Clean Tech stakeholders; and
  • Promote local job creation and environmental improvement

SAIL is a founding sponsor and supporter of Cleantech Orange County and its mission.



OCTANe is one of the leading organizations fueling “innovation development” in Orange County and Southern California. By connecting people, capital and technology, this Innovation Development Corporation (IDC) accelerates entrepreneurial and company development for Orange County's information technology and biomedical industries. OCTANe focuses on creating, growing and supporting innovative businesses with the help of industry professionals and through a series of educational programs, events & conferences, an online talent portal and a variety of other targeted programs.

SAIL is a sponsor and avid supporter of OCTANe’s programs in Southern California.